Issues About Migrating a WordPress Site to a New URL

I recently migrated karibe.co.ke to karibe.ch. Some of the primary issues I faced are highlighted below: Settings I simply left the old blog untouched while setting up the new one. That way I could open both wordpress Dashboards and configure the new site settings just as the old one. Some of the things included the […]

Simple math equations format in WordPress with Latex

I have not written any physics articles on my blog yet. I was about to write one and I realized I need Latex or something to display math for me. I wasn’t going to make all those images, upload and insert them into the posts. That could be crazy time wastage. So i just went […]

Markdown in wordpress

Using Markdown in WordPress

I have been involved in one way or another with a site that was using markdown like stackoverflow and the Nairobi Linux Users Group website with Pelican: Static website generator, and markdown for writing blog posts. I wondered if there was some markdown plugin in wordpress and… sure. How I got to know about markdown […]