Rapid prototyping (3D printing)

Ultimaker2 new firmware update and new Cura Version

Cura, a 3D printer slicing software by Ultimaker has seen some nice changes. The Ultimaker2 3D printer has seen some improvements as well as the new Cura 15.01 comes with a new firmware version 15.01. Among the details added in Cura is the visual of the metal clippings that hold the glass bed in place […]

Ultimaker 2 print from USB in Cura

Ultimaker2 firmware update in Linux and printing from USB port using Cura

I have been using the Ultimaker 2 3D printer for a while now, printing from the SD card. It gets tiring to keep working in a vicious cycle of unplugging the SD card from the printer port, plugging it in a card reader, saving the Gcode from Cura in there, unplugging the SD card from […]

3D printed bot

Ultimaker 2 3D printer test print

We recently acquired an Ultimaker 2 3D printer, so today we took it for a test drive. The print resolution is pretty amazing and its the easiest printer I have seen to change print material. Its a single extruder with an option to upgrade to dual extruder.