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Select contents of a code tag on left click for every such tag on your blog

I am one lazy person when it comes to this codes and commands select+rightclick+copy+paste-eslsewhere cycle, so am going to try and reduce the steps at whatever cost. How about when I left click i select all? This also helps with the problem of not being able to select everything in very long commands that are […]

Tp-link MR3420 3g/4g wireless router is awesome

Tp-link MR3420 3g/4g wireless router is awesome

I have been having a d-link router which I share internet to from my build box on which i plug the zte mf192 modem (the d-link has no usb). So today i got this new tp-link MR3420 and i have to say it looks gooood :-). it supports 3g, and 4g via usb, not sure […]

Flexi usb LED light

Frontlit keyboard

I have always wished my tiny Acer netbook has a backlit keyboard so I can type in the dark. Well, that wish came true today when I visited an electronic shop at Nova Lund. I found this Flexible USB LED light  that I can just plugin, twist to comfortable position and keep typing in the dark. […]

2d drawing and animation at Khan Academy

Last weekend I was indoors, with a bad flu and looking for something a little fun to do with a computer. So I ended up looking at a profile I created at khan academy where I could revisit what I never learnt when I was a little younger, especially in math. I found a surprise: […]

A Simple WordPress Theme

I have been using WordPress for about three weeks now, reading blogs, tutorials, trying out templates and browsing code. What I have realized is that platforms like WordPress give you the go ahead to blog and take away all the struggle you’d have gone through trying to code a website from scratch, particularly the back-end. […]