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My name is David Muriuki, and some people call me by is my surname, Karibe. I am currently doing my masters in Physics at the University of Nairobi, where I also work. I care more about writing down the stuff I experience and post on this blog for future reference than for Google rankings :-). If you find this stuff helpful, that’s my joy. I love open source and Linux. I am currently interested in custom hardware design and prototyping using arm-based chips including board bring up and computer interfacing.

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  1. karthikeyan

    hello Mr.karibe sir, i have one bricked i 9000 phone.i follow ur hard brick method.after that phone shows mount storage problem.is any solution please???
    please give the 2.3.6 firmware link also thanks in advance.

    please mail me to my below id and keep me with ur touch.

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