12 responses to “Rooting and installing Gapps in Lenovo K3 Note vibeUI 3.1 Marshmallow”

  1. Aslam Qureshi

    I need google now to dial nos. from contacts. This is most important for me while driving. Without solution of this, am ok with vibe 3.00

  2. Amani Sharma

    can you show this with screenshots? It’s very confusing for the technologically challenged! 🙂 What should my phone look like when i boot into TWRP recovery?

  3. Amani Sharma

    and in order to flash in TWRP mode, does that mean plug the USB wire back into my phone? Your steps are not clear 🙁

  4. destech

    wheni try ti download the sp-flash content to my phone nothing happens

  5. Ad

    I have folowed all steps successfully, but after reboot the telephone will not start-up anymore. It stuck in a black window with “Lenovo powered by Android”

  6. Lo Qu

    Just install google play store using app centre chinese pre install inside the phone. my phone is stock rom vibe ui 3.1 st. after install, update google play services and boom! u can use the playstore like others. 🙂

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