Issues About Migrating a WordPress Site to a New URL

I recently migrated to Some of the primary issues I faced are highlighted below:

  • Settings
    I simply left the old blog untouched while setting up the new one. That way I could open both wordpress Dashboards and configure the new site settings just as the old one. Some of the things included the site URL, I prefer a URL without www prefix. The other important setting to match was the permalink structure. I have the month and name. This is important for the internal cross-post links URLs below.
  • Reinstalling plugins
    I also checked all necessary plugins I was using like Akismet and installed them on the new blog.
  • Internal cross-post links URLs
    I realized that in some posts i had links to other posts and they were still pointing to the old blog, which was now redirecting to the new blogs home page. To resolve this, I opened the cpanel of the new blog and run the following SQL query

    UPDATE myprefix_posts SET post_content = replace(post_content, '', '')

    Where myprefix stands in for the site’s wordpress SQL database prefix. This fixes all in-post urls, priceless 😛 .

I will keep updating this list with experience. If you have anything to add, comment below.

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