Android Dolby Sound on Lenovo K3 Note

The K3 note is advertised to have the Dolby Atmos sound capability, which is meant to “create amazing mobile headphone experience with multidimensional sound that flows above and around you”. There is not an app for this that I have found, even on the play store. There is an XDA post about how to add the Dolby E.Q. app on any android device. The update zip file is available for download.
I installed this zip file from CWM recovery and it works nicely with the default music player. I had problems with Google Play Music app, when I select Dolby in Google Play Music equalizer settings(and pressed the On button, top right corner), it says its suspended and I should disable all other sound effects. I reset (deleted data and cache) for Google Play Music app from system settings, under applications manager, didn’t seem to help. This is because the built in E.Q was enabled, and the Dolby Sound app set as the default open with application in Google Play Music settings, which means every time I go to its settings and select Equalizer, it runs Dolby sound and I cannot disable the default Equalizer app.
The proper way to solve this problem is to disable Google Play Music default built in E.Q. Go to settings, apps, select Google Play Music app, clear defaults. If this is disabled, you have to go to back once to downloaded apps list and use the menu to select Reset app preferences, to reset defaults of all apps in the system. This does not clear app data. Then open Google Play Music app, press the menu button on the left and tap on settings, select equalizer and you will get a pop up asking you to select a Default open with application, either Dolby Audio or Equalizer. If you want to be changing between them, do not select the checkbox for default open with application. Just select Dolby Audio.
The E.Q is quite phenomenal, though I am not sure there is any hardware feature on K3 Note required for this, could be all software as stipulated on the XDA post.


If you press/tap the menu button while at the Dolby E.Q, you get a help menu item and an option to explore Dolby on the right menu. You might have to disable recent apps shortcut on menu key on the K3 Note to get this. The help menushows information about the E.Q. and there is a play demo button on the top right corner. This demo video plays when you press that button:

The  explore Dolby Audio menu shows two entries, one with an overview of Dolby Atmos© and a link to the website and the other about Dolby enhanced apps and at the end provides a link to the Dolby site with a list of some android apps(looks like some simple games) that are supposed to have Dolby effects. I haven’t tested these apps, they don’t look convincing.

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