2 responses to “interfacing a CCID smart card reader/writer in Linux”

  1. Allan Muita

    Very helpful. Would you please be having a blog on how to write to smart card.

    Thank you.

    1. Karibe

      You will need to use Smart Card application protocol data unit (APDU) Commands, and you need to have provisioned cards or you provision them yourself, which means you have the keys. You need the keys to be able to perform a write if the cards are protected (all cards are protected by default). See the answer to this question for some possible leads. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6572979/how-to-write-smart-card-with-pyscard.
      I ended up using Shadytel SIM Tools and Java Card to develop my sim applets: https://github.com/Shadytel/sim-tools. But like I said, I couldn’t write to my blank SIM cards because they were not pre-provisioned.

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