Ultimaker2 new firmware update and new Cura Version

Cura, a 3D printer slicing software by Ultimaker has seen some nice changes. The Ultimaker2 3D printer has seen some improvements as well as the new Cura 15.01 comes with a new firmware version 15.01. Among the details added in Cura is the visual of the metal clippings that hold the glass bed in place :P. Thats important. Anyway, here is a list of important changes in the firmware:

  1. The pause at height functionality is now well implemented with a chance to change printing material while at it.
  2. The temperature display jitter is gone!

Cura is cool now because:

  1. There is a single layer view
  2. Quick print profile
  3. Fixed problems with ‘PauseAtHeight’ plugin
  4. New TweakAtZ 4.0 plugin
  5. Added top/bottom speed setting
  6. Improved handling of large 3D models, supports Ultimaker 2Go and Ultimaker 2Extended models (I dont care, I dont have those)
  7. Among other listed thigs

Problems am having

  1. Just that the model ‘normal’ view in Cura is now messed up, not as smooth as it was before
  2. Toolpath to SD icon doesn’t work, but file->save Gcode menu works :).

A nicer workaround is to create a folder and set permissions with

mkidr /home/username/gcode 
chmod -R 777 /home/username/gcode

and setting that folder as the replication folder in File->preferences


Cura Version 15.02.1 is out and solves the problems above.
Happy making!!

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  1. David

    made some really cool stuff this week!

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