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  1. kl05z kinetis mcu custom circuit and Processor Expert Valentine LED twinkle >> Karibe

    […] tackled tools Set up in other posts in this series (But not Debugging with USBDM, which I did on this post), I will just highlight the main areas of the source that I edited after it was generated by […]

  2. Peter O'Donoghue

    If you are using Eclipse in Linux I suggest you install the USBDM plugin. In fact I don’t understand why it didn’t install when you did the installation of the rest of USBDM.

    In any case – If you install the plugin it will take care of launching the USBDM GDB server etc for you.. You will also get the other features described on this page:


  3. drscott

    I have been following your work and a BIG thanks for how you support the embedded community out there. A few tweaks are needed to get the ARM_GDBServer working on Ubuntu 14.04 (the 64bit libraries causing fits…). First ‘try’ to install the deb as indicated above – the install will fail. Then type ‘sudo apt-get -f install’ to force installation of dependencies. Some (I assume) necessary 32-bit libraries will be installed. Then re-install the above deb. BTW – the install path is not as above (it was put in an X11 subdirectory). Also – I needed to install tcl8.5 (sudo apt-get install tcl8.5-dev). Just type ARM_GDBServer to bring up the app – the system will find it just fine without a path specifier…

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