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  1. Ketern

    warning:No DNS servers found ,when run android netbeans IDE how can i solve
    that problem

  2. hmijail

    Thanks for this. Worked for me.

    For the record, in case someone tries to improve on this, this was my non-successful try:

    I wanted to find a less hackish – more autoupdatable way to make things work, by following the bug reports and workarounds linked from here, in bugs.launchpad.net and bugs.eclipse.org. Theoretically, someone among the RXTX jar+the terminal plugin+Eclipse+the JVM *should* automatically detect and use a system-installed librxtx over the plugin-provided one; and theoretically, a path definition problem (Ubuntu/Debian definition vs standard Java/Eclipse definition) was preventing that, so the only found library was the plugin-provided one, which is outdated, which caused Eclipse’s death.

    But as far as I can see, in Eclipse Kepler SR2 the paths are correct, as reported in About Eclipse/Installation Details: the java.library.path does include Ubuntu’s /usr/lib/jni, where apt-get installed librxtxSerial.so; and java.ext.dirs contains the JRE’s ext dir, in whicn apt-get also installed the rxtx .jar.

    So, everything looks OK, and yet evidently is not working. So following the procedure in this blog post was finally the solution.

  3. Daniel

    Hi, in my Eclipse installation (Kepler SR1 on Ubuntu 12.04) the path for the eclipse library is /home/your_user/.eclipse/org.eclipse.platform_4.3.0_1473617060_linux_gtk_x86_64/plugins/gnu.io.rxtx.linux.x86_64_2.1.7.3_v20071015/os/linux/x86_64/librxtxSerial.so

    Thanks for this ussefull post

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