edX MOOC UT.6.01x Embedded Systems – Shape the World

Not long ago I discovered I could learn new subjects or master my career subjects online in a more organized way by attending Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). One platform that offers a tonne of these is edX. I like this platform because the courses are comprehensive and split into a series of youtube videos and written lecture material with relevant links to required resources. I am currently attending the UT.6.01x “Embedded Systems – Shape the World” by UTAustinX (the University of Texas System at Austin).

One thing I have realised though is that instructors insist on using a windows system because of the tools compatibility. While I am focussed on finishing the course and being graded, I will attempt to use Ubuntu setup instead of window and see how it goes. There are already so many students in the discussion forum trying out different ways to do the course in Linux, including via Wine and a Virtual Machine. I have just kicked off with Wine install of the KEIL tools and the grader application and completed the first simulation lab without a problem.

As soon as I get my Texas Instruments KIT, I will attempt to do the hardware debug in Ubuntu.

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