Simple math equations format in WordPress with Latex

I have not written any physics articles on my blog yet. I was about to write one and I realized I need Latex or something to display math for me. I wasn’t going to make all those images, upload and insert them into the posts. That could be crazy time wastage. So i just went to the plugins page and searched for “Latex”. I got a list and on a quick look, WP Latex looked sane. I installed, a little configuration, stuff like setting background color to transparent, make sure image has no border-radius using the CSS box and its on!!! The problem with this is, I really dont like images when there is an option for having information as text, in this case equations. so I went back to searching and… Mathjax Latex is what i was looking for. Same latex shortcode, equation in text instead of an image. Now i can use HTML tweaking the way i want :). I am happily going to be equating equal stuff!!

e^{i pi} + 1 = 0

If you wanna copy the equations in tex code, just right click, choose *Show Math as -> Tex Commands*


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  1. Caroline


    Latex is an amazing tool for editing equation and images!

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