Tp-link MR3420 3g/4g wireless router is awesome

I have been having a d-link router which I share internet to from my build box on which i plug the zte mf192 modem (the d-link has no usb).


The old d-link wireless router

So today i got this new tp-link MR3420 and i have to say it looks gooood :-). it supports 3g, and 4g via usb, not sure i will ever use 4g. Among these features is a local wireless HD video sharing capability, with speeds up to 300Mbps.

This costs Kshs 4,000 in an electronics shop at Nakumatt Lifestyle building. Here are some pics:

image image image
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This router is supported by OpenWrt. see the wiki and the usb stuff you could do which includes mounting filesystems and sharing files, streaming usb audio source and tethering to and from a smartphone. It sounds all interesting to try 😉
and here is a youtube video:


13 responses to “Tp-link MR3420 3g/4g wireless router is awesome”

  1. Alan

    Ah! I saw these new models in the stores last week… is it any different than the old model, or just new looks?

  2. Steve

    How do we make use of the WAN port on the router?

  3. Biswajit Das

    Hi Karibe,
    Thanks for the post. It was very useful. I bought a new one today!! I saw the video how to upgrade. Just wondering
    a. after upgrading to OpenWRT my warranty will be void?
    b. can we downgrade to original farmware?
    C. I am interested for usb file share and usb 3g modem. Can we use usb splitter to accomplished them?

    Sorry for silly questions.

  4. jingle2x

    how to connect from a wi fi hot spot device….it tried to bridge but no avail…..

  5. Alan

    I just picked up one of these yesterday… glad it’s supported by OpenWRT! I haven’t flashed it yet though.

  6. ashish

    I have adsl2 modem. I am unable to connect it to my TPLINK 3420 router.

    My modem is connected to R11 port(telephone line) . I am using LAN cable to connect modem to router.
    Any help?


  7. Aakash Shah

    Hey can anyone please help me with making this Model TL-MR3420 USB Sharable. I added my Hard disk in the USB Port, but obviously cannot access it. Can we flash a router? And will it work after that? My router page does not have USB Setings at all.

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