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  1. Alan

    Awesome to see it all up and running. Did you turn hyperthreading on? Shouldn’t you have 8 logical CPUs?

    1. Johnmark

      i5 3570k doesn’t have hyperthreading and is at the moment pointless to invest in an i7 3770k because of this review:- http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/cpus/2012/05/01/intel-core-i5-3570k-cpu-review/5

      Take a look at the overall performance. It beats an i7. The i7 that beats it isn’t worth investing another 9,000/= ontop.

  2. Johnmark

    Hey Karibe! mine is ready and awaits the next instruction, ebu tell me what’s next, sitaki kukungoja mpaka yako iamke. I just can’t get it to break a sweat! Mine draws 60w literary at the socket, but thats because I haven’t overclocked it. Am planning to send for Cosair H80i or S1283 Dark knight to bring the bestiality out of it now that it draws so little. I can’t even hear my mk III silencer run at all.

  3. Ray

    Awesome – all you need now is a GPU and you’re set.

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