Frontlit keyboard

I have always wished my tiny Acer netbook has a backlit keyboard so I can type in the dark. Well, that wish came true today when I visited an electronic shop at Nova Lund.

Flexi usb LED light

Flexi usb LED light

I found this Flexible USB LED light  that I can just plugin, twist to comfortable position and keep typing in the dark. I have really liked the idea, especially because power fluctuates in Kenya. I have an 8hr battery, which means that when power goes, i could only watch a video, listen to music because the screen light isnt enough to light the keyboard for coding/typing. The machine sort of forms the base for the lamp.

While this will solve a nuisance problem i have had in a while, it also doubles up as a useful source of blue light in a project am doing on imaging with this kind of light. Holding it in position wont even be a problem. Another idea is to replace the LED with a small diode laser i have. This heavily depends on fluctuations of the notebook USB power source as a laser driver. More on that in later (not entirely unrelated) post.

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