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  1. Alan

    My name is Alan, and I approve of this hack! Awesome work, dude. 🙂

    1. zac

      Hey. Nice job, quite elaborative. I am looking for a workaround against a hard brick on gt i9100. Unbreakable mod is proving to quite a challenge

  2. irungujn

    Fantastic development..I so love it and process is very elaborate…n the cross device support of the site…I actually posted this frm ma phone…cld nt believe it

  3. Timofonica

    Samsung i9000 Hard Bricked i dont know how to fix this 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. angelitodiaz

    Hey man… nice work… I am Venezuelan and I want a question?… Who work this method witn Samsung Galaxy S II I9100? ….. any suggestions. Thanks…

  5. Moses

    My galaxy mini is hard bricked will this hack work n where can i take it?

  6. Fred Kuria

    Hi, good work!!! my Samsung galaxy s gt19003 got hard bricked a couple of days ago, do you know of a place I can take it for resurrection in Nairobi? thanks.

  7. natalie

    I use kubuntu but does not ask me to give password when you click the download button unbreackblemod

    any idea?

  8. omid

    Hello dear friend
    I UnBrickable Resurrector download the zip file, but I can not find any exe file
    Please help me !

  9. cristian rad

    hi, for me all proces work fine: put phone in download mode , start flashing with Heimdal flasher , but without “flash bootloader” check, all works fine, then i was going to complete procedure with flash bootloader check. problem is that since then phone does not enter in download mode is alwys unbrikable and also does not connect with flasher. I metion that a work onnly software nothing on hardware, any ideas ??
    and also phone tempreture is a little higher is worm than normal should i try xom wire?? thanks

  10. Usama

    Hi Karibe!
    I see this tutorial and software used in it, is for Galaxy S. My device is M130K Galaxy K. Its a stripped down version of Galaxy S, which was only released in Korea. Do you think same method will work on my mobile?

  11. Anwaar

    Thanks a million Karibe for pointing me to Adams fix.Thought i lost my SGS1.

  12. ramu

    my galaxy pop is hard brick is there any solution

  13. Wispa

    Hi Karibe, i think i’ve bricked my samsung galaxy s advance, it won’t even enter download mode, the screen is just blank, it won’t come on. pls what type of bricking is this? pls what do u suggest i do?

  14. Raul

    Hi Karibe,
    My son got his internal memory full and phone started to restart over and over, it only last two seconds and restart it self again. So I tried reflashing the PIT file and screw it up because I was not aware about the re-partitioning checkbox and went into a hard brick. I did the MOD and it does detect the phone when connecting it to the USB, but it last two seconds and disconnect it. I did not understand about the password thing of having it ready, etc… when running the application it does not ask me for a password. Do you have any ideas?

  15. Richie

    can u help me to hard unbrick my samsung galaxy s 4g t959v…i tried installing a new custom rom and it will not turn on again not even boot into download or recovery mode…im at a fix now

  16. Victor Fernandez

    Hi, I have a si 9000 sansumg and everything seems like your photo, but the processor has a different number. can it work for me?
    My phone is a Samsung gt-s9000T

    thanks for sharing your experiences!

  17. JORGE

    Good afternoon, according to the brother that you raise, is simply to make a bridge between the R X0m0 and X0M5?

  18. steve

    hello from uk

  19. Derecichei Laurentiu

    Hello! i see you guys can handle impossible pretty well so i come to you with my poblem..
    if you guys cant find a solution to fix my galaxy s gt-i9000 i can throw it to the garbage bin.
    the problem is the following: phone is stuck at galaxy S logo, recovery mode cannot be activated, download mode works but when i connect it to PC while in download mode, pc show the device as unrecodnised. Odin does not recodnise the device.. i tried absolutelly everything but i cant flash anything on it since odin does not see the phone, and recovery mode does not work. i took the phone to 2 specialists here in my city and they cant find the solution for this… i tried this fix: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=848737
    BUT NOTHING WORKS.. please tell me what can i do with it..problem started after someone used recovery mod to RESTORE a cm10.1 (cyanogen android 4.1 or 4.2) on a cm11 (android 4.4) system. everything is messed up
    please contact me by email: laurentiudll@ymail.com
    or by facebook: Laurenţiu Derecichei

  20. paninou

    excellent travail !!!
    par contre j ai un galaxy s 9003 slc qui est hard brick
    mon petit soucis est au niveau de la carte mere légèrement différente du galaxy s 9000
    le shema des résistances pour connecter ce fameux fil ne correspond pas ??
    comment faire ???
    merci de votre reponse

  21. alo

    how can i apply this method to other phones like the samsung skyrocket etc?

  22. Daizu

    help me, my s1 also have same problem cant go to download mode it doesnt turn on even i charge it.
    it happens wen it failed on flashing firmware via odin then i plug out my phone bec. it stuck .. pls help..

  23. Sani

    Hi Karibe first of sorry for my english as i am a french speaker cameroonian. I followed your tutorial to resurrect my galaxy s.But after i putted the phone with resurrecto r40 and flash it with heimdall or one click no matter wich firmware i use, at the end of the flashing procedure who is successfull according to the message, the phone reboots and the screen stays black, and unbrickable resurrector r40 detect the phone as s5cp110. Did I miss something? I need your help please.

  24. TAMANA

    NICE ONE COMRADE!! here at ADD, my TECNO M3 is stuck at boot loop after changing font. Tried everything including some nigerian guru recipe but in vain. Can you assist??

  25. Ammly

    Hey David, I have a galaxy s i9800L that is hard bricked. I tried changing the rom that it came with…now if i turn it on nothing shows on the screen not event the Samsung logo and its not going in to recovery mode either. I have tried using odin, heimdal, UnBrickable Resurrector and even made my own usb jig fix but none of them worked. Please send me an email if there is anything else that can be done.

  26. peter munuo

    HELLO!hav tried alot on samsung galaxy tab gt-p1000 using unbrickable ressurector for may tab but it wont detect as your explain.unbrickable say device not found.how can i fix this problem?

  27. Kyle

    Hi av tried n…..Please can I bring it to u u fix it for me?

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