5 responses to “Modeling and Simulation in Systemc – top down methodology introduction”

  1. mjomba

    good opening ideas. I would however like to suggest the following:
    modeling has two connotations; capturing behaviour and simplification. when a model refers to a domain, the implied connotation is usually capturing behaviour. My take here is that this is the one intended. in that case design becomes dependent on the model(the use here seems to suggest otherwise).
    In the second case of simplification, any simplified representation of an artifact (e.g design, architecture, implementation etc) can be referred to as a model.

  2. Elias Gitau

    Hi,this is a good introduction to embedded system.I do agree with Mjomba, that a system model details the system’s behaviour, however it is not clear if that “model” can still be referred to as a model if the design aspect are added to the model,if it is, how does one differentiate it from the ones without the design aspect. If not what is it called.

    Also is it possible to have different level of system behaviour as one move from top to bottom, I mean as detail are added down the chain does what happen to the system behaviour

    Also, is an implementation a model? A design or Architecture can be a model but in my view an implementation is already the actual system hence not a model or he ment system prototype?

    Thanks and good work.

  3. Bob

    Awesome explanation im already falling in love with embedded systems

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