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I have been using WordPress for about three weeks now, reading blogs, tutorials, trying out templates and browsing code. What I have realized is that platforms like WordPress give you the go ahead to blog and take away all the struggle you’d have gone through trying to code a website from scratch, particularly the back-end.

So I picked on the template am using here and after a close look decided to convert a simple design i had into a WordPress template by borrowing the styling and using Hybrid as the parent theme. I must say, that was way easy… amazing!!

hybrid light

The hybrid Light child theme

Well, I ran into one problem with my design though and broke a few rules on the idea of child themes, which i could be excused of because i was in a hurry trying things out; I edited the footer and header templates of the parent theme, just a little to allow the header and footer sections be detached. I will correct this and upload when I get time, ready to make some more better themes.


I found the way to avoid editing parent theme PhP files which is creating custom corresponding Php files, in this case the  header and footer templates, for the child theme.  This allows the use of parent themes as is while customizing the child. Also updated the styles for tags, headings and stuff.
I added a script to insert the github ribbon right before my header in the functions.php, created a github-ribbon.js that uses jquery’s insertBefore() . You can fork me on github: Hybrid-Light

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