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Flexi usb LED light

Frontlit keyboard

I have always wished my tiny Acer netbook has a backlit keyboard so I can type in the dark. Well, that wish came true today when I visited an electronic shop at Nova Lund. I found this Flexible USB LED light  that I can just plugin, twist to comfortable position and keep typing in the dark. […]

2d drawing and animation at Khan Academy

Last weekend I was indoors, with a bad flu and looking for something a little fun to do with a computer. So I ended up looking at a profile I created at khan academy where I could revisit what I never learnt when I was a little younger, especially in math. I found a surprise: […]

Zilog Z80 microcontroller UART serial end

This is the second post in the series “serial port on android”. It is about using platform based design, a micro-controller (zilog z80) system that does nothing more than just communicate with the android phone. Later, we will see how to do sensing and actuation for the interface to the physical world. The hardware This […]

A Simple WordPress Theme

I have been using WordPress for about three weeks now, reading blogs, tutorials, trying out templates and browsing code. What I have realized is that platforms like WordPress give you the go ahead to blog and take away all the struggle you’d have gone through trying to code a website from scratch, particularly the back-end. […]